Training Courses

These courses are designed to address the basic technology skills which are required as Support Professionals. Since the students are envisaged to be of different backgrounds, the level of these courses has been designed at the Basic and the Middle order.

The courses are offered through project-based learning activities. Each major module is being followed by a project based on the module to allow participants to demonstrate a particular subset of competencies.

There are some most popular courses which are running in all YCTC

This common module of courses has been prepared by C.R.C.T, Jadavpur University.

I. Certificate Courses(Duration Six(6) Months-Single Semester)

It is assumed that Certificate Courses are the fundamental course for the Diploma level Courses. Semester I in Diploma Courses and the Advanced Diploma Courses are the same as the Certificate Courses.

II. Diploma Course(Duration Twelve(12) Months-Double(2) Semester)

Diploma level Courses are the foundation courses for the Advanced Diploma Courses. Semester II in Advanced Diploma Courses are the same as that of the Diploma courses.

III. Advanced Diploma Course(Duration 18 Months-3 Semester)

This course will be taught in a project oriented methods. The duration of the course is spread over one and a half years divided into 3 semesters

Short Term Courses (Only in Mallarpur and Tarapith YCTC)

Beside the government recognised courses some short term courses taught here
Programming in C, C++, C# | HTML5 | Advanced Ms Excel | Java EE | SQL & MySQL | Web Development using Python | Computerized Financial Accounting with GST | Data Structures in C | Java Programming | Enterprise application development (.NET)| Machine Learning | Data Science | Android App Development| Web Development using PHP| Digital Marketing| GST Professional | Web Development using JSP | CSS and Bootstrap| Cyber Security | Robotics | IoT