About YCTC

The Youth Computer Training Centres run by the Department of Youth Services & Sports (YS Dept.) in collaboration with different private organizations play an important role in providing low cost computer training to the student-youth across the state enabling them to prepare themselves fit for employment. About 1,000 (One Thousand) Youth Computer Training centres are now running across the state. Every year thousands of student-youth are getting themselves eligible to survive in the competitive job market successfully being trained from these training centres in various courses.

As advised by the Department of Information Technology of Govt. of West Bengal, efforts are being given to make the syllabus of these Youth Computer Training Centres as far as possible up to date and compatible with the present job market.

About Mallarpur YCTC

MALLARPUR YOUTH COMPUTER TRAINING CENTER is located in the heart of Mallarpur. It is situated at a stone hurling distance of NH60 High Road. It is at 5 mins walking distance from Mallarpur railways station. It is surrounded by dozens of schools both at Secondary and Higher Secondary level, the students of which makes the backbone of this Institution. Besides this the main college of this area is situated at a hand shaking distance from this Institution and a Diploma Engineering college is situated just within three kilometers.

About Tarapith YCTC

TARAPITH YOUTH COMPUTER TRAINING CENTER is also located in the heart of Tarapith. It is situated near by Maa Tara Temple on Rampurhat-Sainthia Road. It is also surrounded by a number of schools both at Secondary and HigherSecondary level,the students of which makes the backbone of this Institution.

About Globex

GLOBEX started its journey in the year of 2005 towards educational excellence mainly in propagating computer education and other career-oriented training. Since inception it has grown moderately. At our institution we believe in generating skilled professionals rather than just bringing out computer literates. All courses at our institution come under a decent course fees with uniform quality standards.